End Notes

I started Marginalia five years ago as a way to satisfy my desire to share links to articles and cool web things whilst also satisfying my desire to stop using Twitter. At that time, I was exploring Mastodon more, but it was a pretty quiet space and, I guess I still wanted an audience.

I'm five years and one global pandemic older now, Mastodon has become a lot busier, I started a weekly library link newsletter, signed up to Bookwyrm and I rarely post on my blog. Marginalia has increasingly felt like a chore to perform rather than something fun to share. So it's time for it to end.

I hope you enjoyed it. You should get a blog.

Marginalia is an email and web newsletter about things that made me think over the last month – articles, books, podcasts, and perhaps from time to time some videos. It comes out on the first Monday of every month. You can subscribe by following @share@marginalia.hugh.run on any ActivityPub platform (e.g. Mastodon) or via email using the form below.

You might also enjoy my weekly newsletter Libraries & Learning Links of the Week, or my irregular blog Information Flaneur.